Hi, Massachusetts Patients!

Want to connect with one of our optometrists from your home? 2020 On-site is providing easy 15 minute virtual consultations with our doctors. 

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Have a consultation with or without insurance

Consultations are covered by your medical insurance as a doctor's office visit. If you have a question about what is covered by your specific insurance, contact us at info@2020onsite.com

HIPAA regulations have been expanded to allow the use of videoconferencing tools. All of our HIPAA practices remain in place to protect your privacy as a patient of 2020 On-site.  

Meet our Optometrists

When should you book a consultation?

  • You are unsure whether you need an eye exam
  • You have follow-up questions after an eye exam
  • You have a question about an existing prescription
  • You have a question or would like to speak with a doctor about an issue with your eyes
  • You cannot access a clinic and you need a prescription extension (3 month maximum)

*A consultation does not replace a comprehensive exam.  We recommend getting a full comprehensive exam every year. 

Dr. David Gibson

Dr. Kalah Burchfield

Dr. Debi Sarma

Dr. Jonathan Pena

Dr. Hannah Tennant

Dr. Alina Reznik

Dr. Katherine Harkins